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Есть ли разница между играми и игрофикацией в обучении?

 Недавно наткнулась на материал Франко Каталано (консультант, автор, аналитик в сфере цифрового образования), где, на мой взгляд, очень удачно определена разница между видами игрового контента.
Автор различает 3 формы игрового контента:

1. Игрофикация:
"Gamification is the current bright-shiny of the three terms – and, as a result, is the most used and frequently misused. But the cleanest definition is straightforward: gamification is adding game elements and mechanics to things that aren’t designed to be games.
Outside of education, some call these "reward, recognition and motivation programs".

2. Игровые симуляторы:
"But a good simulation doesn’t have to be game-like. It just has to have both an internally consistent setting with rules and attempt to recreate a real-world scenario or situation."

3.Собственно игра:
"Games, like simulations, are rule-based. But more so than gamified activities and simulations, there’s usually a strong emphasis on beating the game: that is, playing and winning."

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